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The Papillomavirus Episteme: a major update to the papillomavirus sequence database

Nucleic Acids Research - 2017

Chemical Morphing of DNA Containing Four Noncanonical Bases

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl - 2016

Imaging matrix metalloproteinase activity in multiple sclerosis as a specific marker of leukocyte penetration of the blood-brain barrier

Sci Transl Med - 2016

1970s and 'Patient 0' HIV-1 genomes illuminate early HIV/AIDS history in North America

Nature - 2016



Athina Portaliou (Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology) received “Best Poster” award at EMBO conference

Mar 2017

Jan-Baptiste Van Helmont prize (2013-2018) awarded to Jennifer Vandooren and Estefania Ugarte-Berzal

Dec 2016

Alexandra Tsirigotaki and Jozefien De Geyter receive awards at the STUNNING meeting

Nov 2016

Top award best oral presentation at 33rd Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors for Jennifer Vandooren

Feb 2016

Chairmen's poster award for Lize Cuypers at Hep DART 2015 Congress

Dec 2015 

FWRO-Rotary prize for Anneleen Avau at 19th Belgian Congress on Rheumatology

Sep 2015 

Piet Herdewijn receives the 2014 IS3NA Imbach-Townsend Award

Aug 2014 

Piet Herdewijn receives Antonin Holý Memorial Lecture award

May 2014 

Wellcome Trust and KU Leuven announce collaboration with Janssen for development of dengue antiviral drugs

Aug 2013 

First antiviral drug for use in veterinary medicine has been developed by a Rega spin-off

Aug 2013



  Archive of selected Rega papers