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HIV epidemiology. The early spread and epidemic ignition of HIV-1 in human populations

Oct 2014


Identification and assembly of genomes and genetic elements in complex metagenomic samples without using reference genomes

Aug 2014

A mutation in the hepatitis E virus RNA polymerase promotes its replication and associates with ribavirin treatment failure in organ transplant recipients

Aug 2014

Analysis of 41 plant genomes supports a wave of successful genome duplications in association with the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary

Aug 2014


Piet Herdewijn receives the 2014 IS3NA Imbach-Townsend Award

Aug 2014 

Piet Herdewijn receives Antonin Holý Memorial Lecture award

May 2014 

Wellcome Trust and KU Leuven announce collaboration with Janssen for development of dengue antiviral drugs

Aug 2013 

First antiviral drug for use in veterinary medicine has been developed by a Rega spin-off

Aug 2013 

Piet Herdewijn is awarded a prestigious ERC grant

Oct 2012 


  Archive of selected Rega papers