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Functional links between gelatinase B/matrix metalloproteinase-9 and prominin-1/CD133 in diabetic retinal vasculopathy and neuropathy

Jul 2014

Inferring heterogeneous evolutionary processes through time: from sequence substitution to phylogeography

Jul 2014

Calcineurin inhibitors stimulate and mycophenolic acid inhibits replication of hepatitis E virus

Jun 2014


Synergy of entry inhibitors with direct-acting antivirals uncovers novel combinations for prevention and treatment of hepatitis C

May 2014


Piet Herdewijn receives the 2014 IS3NA Imbach-Townsend Award

Aug 2014 

Piet Herdewijn receives Antonin Holý Memorial Lecture award

May 2014 

Wellcome Trust and KU Leuven announce collaboration with Janssen for development of dengue antiviral drugs

Aug 2013 

First antiviral drug for use in veterinary medicine has been developed by a Rega spin-off

Aug 2013 

Piet Herdewijn is awarded a prestigious ERC grant

Oct 2012 



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