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Structural basis of ECF-sigma-factor-dependent transcription initiation
Nat Commun - 2019

The neuroactive potential of the human gut microbiota in quality of life and depression
Nat Microbiol - 2019

A low-gluten diet induces changes in the intestinal microbiome of healthy Danish adults
Nat Commun - 2018

Gut microbiota dynamics and uraemic toxins: one size does not fit all
Gut - 2018





"The adrenal gland is vital to survive malaria" by Philippe Van den Steen and Leen Vandermosten
Nov 2018 

Visit of Prof. Peter Piot to Rega and KU Leuven
Oct 2018 

Dieudonné Buh Kum and Robbert Boudewijns were awarded the 'ISV Presidential Trainee Award at the annual congress of the International Society of Vaccines
Oct 2017 

Awards for 4 PhD students at the Thematic day of the doctoral school of Immunology and Microbiology, Rega Institute
Oct 2017 

A visionary Paper Award was given to Pieter Libin at the ALA Workshop
May 2017 

Athina Portaliou (Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology) received “Best Poster” award at EMBO conference
Mar 2017 





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