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Guy Baele

Principal investigator



"Statistical and computational phylogenetics"

tel. +32 16 321287

Rega Institute
Evolutionary and Computational Virology Section
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

Guy Baele Photo


Current research topics

Pathogen phylodynamics

To identify the causal mechanisms leading to disease emergence, endemic maintenance and epidemic expansion, epidemiologists would benefit tremendously from a full characterization of pathogen spread in space and time. The extensive sequencing efforts for recent epidemics, such as the West African Ebola epidemic, testify that analyses of pathogen genetic data are becoming increasingly important sources of information in epidemiology. The new era of metagenomics promises to harvest such data in unprecedented quantities with remarkable rapidity. With the objective to assist in designing effective intervention and prevention strategies, we are continuing the development of a comprehensive statistical framework for uncovering the spatial and temporal dynamics of pathogen genomes. To this aim, we will design and extend a series of computationally tractable models that use the rapidly proliferating viral genome data to their full potential, connect molecular evolution to underlying spatial processes, and pave the path to rigorous and powerful phylogeographic hypothesis testing. Armed with these tools, we investigate how genetic variation within important viral pathogens, such as influenza, rabies and HIV, arises and persists across a diverse range of hosts and environments.

Bayesian model selection & Bayesian model averaging

Marginal likelihood estimates to compare models using Bayes factors frequently accompany Bayesian phylogenetic inference. Approaches to estimate marginal likelihoods have garnered increased attention over the past decade. In particular, the introduction of path sampling and stepping-stone sampling into Bayesian phylogenetics has tremendously improved the accuracy of model selection. These sampling techniques are now used to evaluate complex evolutionary and population genetic models on empirical data sets, but considerable computational demands still hamper their widespread adoption. We have recently adapted generalized SS (GSS) for use in coalescent-based phylogenetics, employing the concept of “working distributions” to facilitate - or shorten - the integration process that underlies marginal likelihood estimation. Despite the improvements brought about by our method, while still incorporating phylogenetic uncertainty, Bayesian model selection remains computationally demanding. As such, we plan to further develop Bayesian model averaging approaches to test their performance and avoid a potentially time-consuming model selection exercise. 


  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (B-KUL-I0D41A & B-KUL-I0S75A) (2019 - present)
  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology: Sequence, Structure and Evolution (B-KUL-E02N3A) (2017 - present)
  • Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics (B-KUL-I0D53A) (2016 - 2020)

  • Applied Biostatistics: Exercise Sessions (B-KUL-E04N1a) (2017)

  • Introduction to Biostatistics: Exercise Sessions (B-KUL-E07C0a) (2017)


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